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Sightseeing & Tours

Bintan Lagoon Resort offers guided Bintan tour and sightseeing services to Bintan's ecoparks, mountain trekking and heritage centers.

Family at Mangrove Tour- Bintan tour

Mangrove Discovery Day tour

The eco tour takes you on a back-to-nature encounter with Bintan island’s rich mangrove forests. As you journey through the quiet waterways of Sebung River, you’d enjoy the sights and serenity around you. Observe the myriad plant and animal life forms that flourish alongside the fleshy green mangrove leaves.

Daily Operating hours (2 hours duration) 
Trip 1: 10:00am 
Trip 2: 12:00am
Trip 3: 3:00pm

*Trips are picked up from BLR.

Family at elephant park tour- Bintan tour

Bintan Elephant Park and Show

Experience riding on one of the elephants, encircling the park’s perimeters. Try your hand at feeding these gentle giants.

Elephant Long Ride

Operating hours 

Tuesday / Wednesday: 09:30am – 02:30pm

Elephant Show & Ride

Monday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday: 09:30am – 02:30pm

Mangrove Tour2 Hours Daily400,000/ Adult
300,000/ Child
Fire Flies Tour2 Hours Daily373,000/ Adult
275,000/ Child
Elephant Long Ride30 Mins470,000/ Adult
300,000/ Child
Elephant Short Ride10 Mins330,000/ Adult
260,000/ Child
Elephant Show & Ride55 Mins530,000/ Adult
400,000/ Child
Elephant Show45 Mins470,000/ Adult
300,000/ Child
Local Fisherman Tour3 Hours530,000/ Adult
430,000/ Child
Catamaran Ecoholic Sunset Cruise2 Hours550,000/Adult
Catamaran Ecoholic Mangrove River Cruise6 Hours550,000/ Adult
490,000/ Child
Catamaran Ecoholic Fireflies Night Cruise3 Hours550,000/ Adult
490,000/ Child
Tanjung Pinang Heritage Adventure 6 Hours1,210,000/ Adult
840,000/ Child
Tanjung Uban Heritage + Ecofarm Tour6 Hours1,000,000/ Adult
840,000/ Child
Ecofarm 3 Hours450,000/ Adult
370,000/ Child
Nearby Seafishing Adventure4 Hours4,000,000
Crystal Lagoon Treasure Bay (Weekday)4 Hours550,000/ Adult
550,000/ Child
Crystal Lagoon Treasure Bay (Weekend)4 Hours890,000/ Adult
550,000/ Child
Seafood Kelong Lunch/ DinnerN.A 300,000/ Adult
240,000/ Child