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Seriously Cool Things To Do at Bintan


Words: Aulia Soegiantoro

Most holidaymakers come to Bintan Lagoon Resort to completely relax and soak in the tropical sunshine - laying down at the private beach all day might seem like the perfect remedy for a busy mind. But for those who are keen to explore, the island holds many adventures that might make your Bintan holiday a little more interesting than just a trip to a resort destination.

We’ve made a list of really cool things to do at Bintan.

#1 Release Turtles Hatchlings to the Ocean

Sea Turtle - things to do at Bintan

This activity probably tops the list as the most unique thing to do or experience at Bintan. If you are planning to a trip around mid-May to June or between August to September, take the chance to watch turtle hatchlings at Lagoi beach.

As part of the turtle conservation initiative by Bintan Resorts, these Hawksbill and Green hatchlings are released into the ocean. Take part in this experience together with local villagers and volunteers for a uniquely Bintan experience.

#2 Trek Gunung Bintan

Gunung Bintan - things to do at Bintan

For explorers, challenge yourself and take on Gunung Bintan - 340 metres high and surrounded with lush rain forests. An experienced tour guide will take you to discover giant trees that are over 40 metres tall and catch a glimpse of rare animals like the silver leaf monkeys, deer, sun birds and eagles. Also, take loads of selfies at the mountain's beautiful waterfall during your trek. Or you can just dive in!

#3 Fly the Skies with Air Adventures

Air Adventures - things to do at Bintan

Flying around the island in an open cockpit on a lightweight plane is an experience like no other! The Air Adventures Flying Club is located at Lagoi. They have lightweight planes that fly around Bintan Island, and you can view Bintan’s many exotic islands and white sandy beaches.

Most travellers love to marvel at the great views they get from the open cockpit - and some mentioned that this is the most beautiful and surprisingly relaxing experience of their trip. Don’t sit this one out, try it!

#4 Make Friends with the Fishes

Snorkel - things to do at Bintan

This is another popular activity to do on the island because of its healthy marine ecosystem. You can spend hours snorkelling the warm clear waters- viewing colourful corals and fishes. A typical 2-hour snorkelling trip in Bintan will cost you just $18-$45.

#5 Trigger Happy Campers!

Paintball - things to do at Bintan

Paintball is super crazy fun, especially if you have equally adventurous friends who don’t mind getting shot and painted! If you and your friends are up for a friendly combat, a game of paintball will only cost you $50 (inclusive of first 50 pellets). 

If you've missed these activities in your last trip, we hope that this post will inspire you to come back for another visit. Check out our resort packages with exciting activities to choose from.

For any information on any of these Bintan activities or to place a booking, contact our Reservations Team at or call +65 6223 3223.

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