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Bintan Island

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Bintan island in Indonesia is the largest of 3,200 islands in the Riau Archipelago and the third largest of 27 provinces. Located at the crossroads of one of the world’s oldest and busiest maritime trading routes, Bintan has historically provided a safe haven to traders and sailors from Europe, and for over a century. It was on the island of Bintan that the Sultan of Malacca found refuge from Portuguese attack in the 16th century, mapping tales of legendary importance when Bintan grew as the centre of the powerful Johor Riau Sultanate.

Penyengat, on the southern tip of Bintan Island, became home to the Maya-Bugis nobility during the 18th century. Remnants of this glorious royal past are still evident in Penyengat’s Royal Mosque believed to be built on egg whites, Town Hall, the old Dutch fort, mausoleums and palace ruins.

The coastal areas and the south of Bintan Island are also home to quaint fishing towns with an easy-going and relaxed kampong (local village) atmosphere. Numerous Kelongs (fishing houses built on stilts above sea) flourish on southern Bintan, with some serving up delicious seafood for tourists.

Set foot on the northern shores of Bintan Island, and you'll be greeted by a totally different scene and mood. Bintan Resorts, a 23,000 hectare development, offers just the right setting to rest and relax.

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