Bintan Beach Resort - The Beach at BLR

Bintan Beach Resort

The Beach

With 1.5 km stretch of beachfront, Bintan Lagoon's private beach of immaculate fine sand is a brilliant stroke of nature.

Lined with coconut palms, what makes our beach truly unique is the vast extension of surrounding lush green gardens. Tall hanging trees adorn the well-manicured greenery offering the perfect shade from the warm tropical sun. A river, beautifully accentuated by a charming bridge, flows through these picturesque grounds.


There's plenty of color in the sea, vivid blues, and greens, and its tranquil waters are safe for swimming most part of the year.

Expect also great facilities, as we have comfy loungers across the entire beach, a Sea Sports Center and Nelayan, a beachfront bar and seafood restaurant with a large upper deck overlooking the majestic South China Sea.

The SeaSports Center features JetSkis and Kayaks amongst many others to make sure your beach holiday is filled up with fun activities.

Additionally, we also have a Beach Volleyball Court and a Beach Soccer court, perfect for large groups to organize a game under the sun. Sometimes, you can just hop in an ongoing game. The more courageous can challenge our staff team for a soccer match in the evening, losing team pays a round at Nelayan!